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Welcome to the awesome world of being a Coffee Snob

Small-batch roasted coffee blends for the discerning palette

You can be proud that you care about the quality and taste of your coffee. Time to tell the world you are a CoffeeSnob.

Our Mission

It’s all about the taste. We founded the Coffee Snobs brand with one goal in mind,  which is to provide the absolute best high-quality coffee that would pass the Coffee Snob Factor.

Truly Great Coffee

We roast some of the best coffees on this planet. Our beans are 100% traceable and fresh in season. By paying premium prices to the farmers, we give the best incentive for quality and sustainability.

Our coffee, isn’t just another coffee.

It’s coffee born from an obsession and pursuit of the very best brew. To ensure freshness, we carefully taste, smell, prod and examine each batch before it goes anywhere near your grinder or cup.

And as roasters and the original coffee snobs, we will not let a bean leave our roastery unless its passed our snob test. You can rest assured that we’ve cared for the coffee from seed to cup to do the best we can to preserve the inherent flavour of the coffee without adulteration.

The CoffeeSnobs Signature Range

The Perfect Beans & Ground

We roast our coffee in small batches to bring out all the inherent awesome qualities from our beans, we avoid roasty tastes. Our style is light with a taste profile uniquely designed for the connoisseur and for those starting their coffee journey.

Coffee Brew Bags

Wake up and conquer the morning with our heroic 100% Arabica coffee, clever individually wrapped bags that brew right in your cup. Whether you love Colombian, Latin Americas or our Arabicas of the World, these are perfect way to kick-start your day.


Fair trade and Ethical

How people are treated in the pursuit of the perfect Coffee Snobs coffee is vital to us. No compromise. If it’s not fair trade, not organic then we’ll pass, thanks but no thanks!

What makes us the worlds No 1 Coffee Snobs?

 It’s our total obsession for the perfect bean to cup experience. It’s about how that coffee will grind, its perfectly balanced roast profile and that electric dance in your mouth, seamlessly accompanied with an amazing freshly brewed aroma. Oh yes, you know what we mean!


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Coffee wherever you are

Small-batch roasted coffee at the best Workplaces, best Cafes and best Restaurants

Coffee @ Work

Whether you’re a startup, multinational or Spa, have 4 employees or 5000. We can sort you out with coffee beans and eco coffee pods, as well as equipment and support for your office or workplace. Treat colleagues and clients to ethically traded coffee, roasted locally by the Coffee Snobs.

Cafe or Restaurant

Whether you’re a cafe or restaurant, hotel or airline, we can sort you out with wholesale coffee beans and eco coffee pods, as well as equipment, training, and support.

Better tasting, better for the environment, and better for the people who grow it.

Snob diagnosis

Snobs come in all shapes and sizes. In the food world you’ll find some of the biggest snobs around, those who only eat the most hand-foraged or urban-farmed, artisanally crafted, truffled morsels. But no snob is more outrageously self-righteous than the coffee snob. You want in on this select class of caffeinators?

Telltale signs to test whether you are a coffee snob:

If you said yes to any of the above, we’ll award you with a Coffee Snob Diploma and that officially declares your Snob Factor.