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Coffee Snobs Office Coffee Programme

#A Latte Bit of Love

Celebrating Amazing People – Introducing #aLatteBitofLove
For the whole period since we found out and went into lockdown, and now as we get back to something new, we’re cheering on all the incredible people that have kept business going and relationships strong. With a celebration of their tenacity, resilience and faith in you, these awesome people are no less than #Heroes.

So, this is an opportunity to let them know how much you care and that they mean so much to you.

Our a Latte Bit Of Love initiative is all about showing a lot of love over coffee to your employees. It’s real time meaningful engagement through the wonderfulness of freshly roasted coffee, that’s been roasted with the same love, care and attention that you’d expect……

Office Coffee


We’ll set up one of our awesome at Workplace Cafe (pop ups) at your place of work for a day or half day.

We’ll provide Unlimited freshly prepared on site coffees from our signature collections, offer coffee tasting and coffee Snob insights.

Includes Coffee insights, tips on brewing coffee and a welcome address from your own CEO to let everyone know that they are appreciated and cared about.

Coffee at Work or home as part of your Employee Benefits if you have more than 10 Employees

Treat your colleagues and teams with the gift of Coffee with our Coffee Brew Bags.

Our artisan coffee brew bags. Organic, ethical coffee that’s convenient & simple to brew.

It’s full jam packed with that awesome aroma that’s certain to put a smile on your staff members face when they open up their pack.

Each pack will include a "Thanks a Latte" message card from the Manager/CEO (you will need to provide the message)
Show your teams a Latte Bit of Love (bookings from September 2021 onwards)

Free coffee at work

It may sound like a small token of appreciation, but the benefits of providing coffee to employees create a quick return on investment that can benefit any industry. However, drinking coffee at work may not be as effective if you choose a bland blend. Give your hard-working employees the delectable coffee they crave — give them the Coffee Snobs.

Some businesses believe that coffee is always appreciated in the workplace, when it’s good, it’s great and when it’s bad, well it’s still fine, at least we have coffee! Wrong! Offices and workspaces whatever the industry shouldn’t mistakenly believe that simply having freeze-dried instant coffee available every morning for employees will fully satisfy their needs. With so many employees caring about where their coffee has come from and how it tastes and makes them feel, employers should be sensitive in their coffee choices. 

Office Coffee
Let the original coffee snobs company give your coffee culture a pick-me-up — Coffee Snobs Office Coffee.