All The Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee That You Need To Know

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Whether you’re grabbing an espresso on your way to work or sipping on a macchiato at the back of a 9 AM class, there’s no doubt that coffee is a beverage that people from all walks of life love. You might like to learn that countries like Finland and Sweden are at the forefront of the coffee consumption scale, with over 10kg of coffee consumed per capita each year.

However, the people of the United Kingdom are just as obsessed with their cups of joe, and there’s a good reason for that. Coffee is absolutely delicious and comes with a slew of mental, physical, and health benefits that are just too good to ignore.

So, do you want to know the various health benefits associated with drinking coffee? LEt’s dive in!

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

There’s nothing that rivals the feeling of sipping on that warm, bitter liquid right after waking up. However, its taste is not the only thing that’s great about coffee.

Here are the health benefits associated with drinking coffee.

  1. Decreases Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes MellitusType 2 Diabetes Mellitus is one of those pesky diseases that almost every middle-aged person has. As you go through your thirties, you might be watching what you eat and worrying about getting diabetes, and for good reason. It’s because this is a disease that severely affects your quality of life and brings a whole lot of other health conditions with it.

A recent study shows that increasing your coffee intake can decrease your risk of developing this disease. So, all you need to do for a decreased risk of Type 2 Diabetes is drink a good, strong cup of coffee? We’re on it!

2. Decreases Risk Of Liver Damage
We often overlook this health benefit when we talk about the ones related to coffee use. However, some studies show that drinking coffee can reduce your risk of liver cirrhosis, which is the condition that occurs when your liver undergoes extensive scarring after repeated damage. This situation usually occurs in alcoholics or those with fatty livers.

Some studies also indicate that coffee may reduce the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma, which is another name for liver cancer. For coffee-drinkers, it’s good news all around!

3. Reduces Risk Of Heart Failure
For those of us who only like to drink a cup or two every day, there’s excellent news. Moderate consumption of coffee is linked with a lower risk of heart failure.

Heart failure occurs when your heart slowly loses the ability to pump blood in a way that every organ of the body is adequately supplied with blood. That’s because coffee is loaded with antioxidant substances that clear away any molecules that might harm the body in any way.

4. Reduces Chance Of Developing Depression
Statisticians estimate that around 4-10% of people residing in England experience depression in their lives. Since a lot of these people are adults and young adults, one needs to make sure that they are doing everything that they can to decrease the risk of depression.

Multiple large-scale studies have proven that you’re not imagining things when your mood begins to lift after having a steaming hot cappuccino. It’s because coffee is actually linked with a lower risk of developing clinical depression! It does so by acting as an antioxidant, combatting inflammation, and preventing mood-depressing chemicals from binding to their receptors. So, if you ever feel down, just whip up a nice mug of coffee and it’ll instantly lift your mood!

5. Improves Immunity
Are you one of those people who keep getting sick all the time? One minute you’ve caught a cold and another minute you have a stomach bug? There’s a good chance that you have poor immunity. Coffee can help you with that.

The good bacteria in your body are generally called probiotics. The prebiotics present in coffee help those probiotics strengthen your body’s immunity and make your digestive tract more welcoming for all kinds of food.

6. Prevents Alzheimer’s And Dementia
You’ll often hear people say that Alzheimer’s and Dementia have no known cure. That’s because, by the time a person starts exhibiting the signs and symptoms of these diseases, the situation is too far gone to save. The only way to ensure that you’re saved from these diseases is to take early action.

One of the things that you can do in your middle age to prevent the risk of these diseases is to drink coffee. Since studies show that coffee reduces your risk of developing these neurodegenerative disorders, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate a cuppa in your diet every day.

7. Helps Lose Weight
Are you looking to lose some fat? You might be surprised to learn that your latte might be the answer!

Researchers have long since considered coffee to be at the forefront of the weight loss movement because of its amazing fat-burning properties. It also boosts the coffee drinker’s metabolism by 3-11%. So, when you spend those extra five minutes brewing your coffee before leaving for work, you’re actually working towards your weight loss goal!

8. Improves Focus And Long-Term Memory
Many students struggle with focusing in class while other people have trouble keeping their eyes open during their board meetings. All of these problems along with other issues related to sleepiness, exhaustion and lack of focus can be solved by a cup of strong coffee. It has nearly instantaneous effects and helps you stay sharp when you need it the most.

n addition, the caffeine content in coffee also helps you have better long-term memory. Recent research proves that you will be able to memorise things for a longer period of time if you have a cup of coffee beforehand.


People who don’t drink coffee probably wonder why coffee drinkers are so obsessed with this beverage. While one reason for this nationwide obsession is its delicious taste, other reasons include the wide range of health benefits that come with drinking coffee.

We hope this list of health benefits has convinced you that coffee really is the way to go!