We are all sommeliers at heart

Coffee Snobs is all about two best pals from the UK who have grown up together, walked side by side, laughed, loved, shared, cried, and fought over one single thing…the perfect roasted coffee! Yes, they are the ultimate Coffee Snobs!

Zubair and Robin
Robin & Zubair
Co-Founders (and the world's biggest Coffee Snobs).

Our Story

We founded the CoffeeSnobs with one goal in mind: providing the absolute best high-quality coffee that would pass the Snob Factor.

Our passion for excellence and our obsession for drinking the perfect cup of coffee with friends has driven us crazy as we tasted coffees from all around the world, from the beginning of our journey as new snobs on the block and new best friends way back at University over 30 years ago.

We roast some of the best coffees on this planet. Our beans are 100% traceable and fresh in season. By paying premium prices to the farmers, we give the best incentive for quality and sustainability.

Obsessive about Coffee

We took nearly 2 years, traveled over 20,000 miles, and attempted 16 versions to design and develop our signature ranged. And our first coffee profiles represent the personalities of the people from around the world that inspired us in our own journey.

In our search for perfection, we learned a lot about the importance of self-discovery through coffee, from understanding your own palate, discovering the power of your 5 senses to determining your very own taste profiles and coffee preferences.

That’s why we’ve set up unique coffee-centric experiences for those who are learning to navigate the latte from the delicate taste profiles and hints of truly awesome coffee.

Sustainable Coffee

Drinking coffee and doing good

We deconstructed our entire approach to business and made it about two things, great coffee and doing things the right way. We wanted to do what we could with local communities as much as support international Humanitarian & development Agencies so we worked out a way to do both.

Through our #CommunityCafé Pop-Ups,  we provide subsidised coffee & tea , and work with local home-based bakers/startups. Our #CharityCoffee scheme is a refugee employment initiative all about bringing people together & changing lives through the power of coffee.

We also have #Evocation for the UN Community & Ambassadors where we’ve developed a taste profile to reflect unity, collective impact, and togetherness, and in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Innovation & listening to our customers during Covid

During lockdown, we introduced our showing #aLatteBitofLove initiative for employers to stay connected and united and this has been absolutely amazing.

This has been an opportunity to let them know how much employers care about their people, with a specially prepared Care pack of freshly roasted coffee, filter bags, handmade cookies, artisan tea (thanks to our partnership with Sticksology), and a special bespoke “Thank you” card integrated into with a virtual coffee meet up.

It’s all about showing a lot of love to people that matter, with real-time meaningful engagement through the wonderfulness of freshly roasted coffee, prepared with the utmost love, care, and attention that you’d expect.

Coffee Snobs Coffee